#10: Construction: Interior Wall and Ceiling Surfaces

26 TAC §553.62(e)(2)

Interior wall and ceiling surfaces must have as the finished surface or as substrate or sheathing a fire resistance of not less than that provided by 3/8" gypsum board (20-minute fire rating), unless approved otherwise by [HHSC]. A sprinkler system will not substitute for the minimum construction requirements. Exceptions are existing Type B large facilities must meet the construction requirements of NFPA 101, Chapter 19.1.6 and new Type B large facilities must meet NFPA 101, Chapter 18.1.6.



• When the HVAC system was installed at the facility, ducts were left exposed in the return air vents.

• Plumbing work was done on the facility and the company failed to re-install sheetrock, leaving exposed studs.