2018-19 Legislative Appropriations Request

The 85th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature is less than a year away, and it is time to begin developing the Legislative Appropriations Request (LAR), which will outline funding requirements and needs for fiscal years 2018-19.

Public Hearing

If you want to let DADS know what should be in the next LAR, plan to attend a public hearing in Austin on April 5 to share your thoughts.

The hearing will begin at 3 p.m. at the John H. Winters Human Services Complex Public Hearing Room, 701 W. 51st St. in Austin.

Note: Because DADS will no longer be an agency after Aug. 31, 2017, the funding request for DADS programs will be part of the Texas Health and Human Services LAR.

What Will Happen at the Hearing?

At the hearing, stakeholders will share their suggestions for the LAR and what they hope to see if their suggestions are implemented. They are asked to provide as much detail as possible, including cost information, if available. (DADS will determine final cost information later.)

What is an LAR?

Every 2 years, all Texas state agencies submit an LAR to the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) that outlines their funding requirements and needs for the next biennium. The HHS request will be submitted late this summer.The LBB, along with the Governor's Office, holds public hearings on each agency's request. Once all hearings are done, the LBB prepares the general appropriations bill draft for consideration during the next legislative session.

Need Adaptive Aids or Services?

People with disabilities who require special adaptive aids or services should contact LeAnn Cammack by phone at 512-438-2998 or by email at leann.cammack@dads.state.tx.us at least 3 business days before the event.

Written Comment Period Has Ended

The initial stakeholder input period ended at 5 p.m. March 14, 2016. We anticipate having a draft LAR by mid-summer.

Updated: March 15, 2016