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Request for Application

Agency: Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)
Procurement Number: HHS0007351
Procurement Name: Breast and Cervical Cancer Services
Program Name: Women's Health Program
Release Date: 4/10/2020
Closing Date: 6/11/2020, 2:00 PM

Executive Summary

The State of Texas, by and through the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC), seeks qualified Respondents to solicit applications to be considered for funding through the Women’s Health Programs (WHP), Breast and Cervical Cancer Services (BCCS).

The BCCS program provides women with low incomes access to quality breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services which positively impact their health and well-being. BCCS intends to increase access to screening, diagnostics and/ or treatment services. BCCS requires successful program management, eligibility determination, initiation of or referral to treatment if clinically indicated, quality management, professional development, recruitment including public education and outreach and data collection, including tracking, referrals, follow-up and continuity of care.


Grants Awarded

Grantee Name Email Awarded Amount Contract ID or Number
Cancer and Chronic Disease Consortium $307,242.67 HHS000735100003
Bell County Public Health District $38,816.67 HHS000734600024
CHRISTUS Health Ark-La-Tex Christus St. Michael $16,836.00 HHS000735100004
City of Laredo $33,333.33 HHS000734600020
Community Action Corporation of South Texas $160,876.00 HHS000735100005
Community Action Inc. of Central Texas > $147,800.00 HHS000734600038
Community Health SCTX $48,886.60 HHS000734600037
Community Health Service Agency dba Carevide $120,000.00 HHS000734600016
DCHD Parkland Health $400,000.00 HHS000734600005
East Texas Community $121,944.00 HHS000734600014
El Centro del Barrio CentroMed $266,666.67 HHS000734600032
Galveston County Health District $70,788.20 HHS000735100006
Gateway Community $323,242.80 HHS000734600027
Harris County Hospital dba Harris Health System $730,422.67 HHS000734600039
Haven Health $81,542.67 HHS000734600017
Health Center of Southeast Texas $36,402.00 HHS000735100001
Jasper Newton JNCPHD  $41,145.60 HHS000734600021
Lone Star Community Health Center, Inc $151,041.77 HHS000735100007
Longview Wellness $130,036.80 HHS000734600011
Maverick County Hospital District $96,810.00 HHS000735100008
Memorial Health Systems of East Texas St. Luke's $93,384.20 HHS000735100009
Moncrief Cancer Institute $860,318.20 HHS000735100010
North Central Texas Community Health Care Center, Inc $189,897.40 HHS000735100011
Northeast Texas Public Health District $194,107.90 HHS000735100012
South Texas Planning & Health $435,800.00 HHS000734600033
South Texas Rural Health Services, Inc $69,766.67 HHS000735100014
Su Clinica Familiar $407,022.67 HHS000734600028
Texas Health Research & Education Institute $113,086.34 HHS000735100018
Texas Tech El Paso $35,380.80 HHS000734600012
Texas Tech HSC Permian Basin $61,971.60 HHS000735100002
The Rose $333,254.13 HHS000735100013
Titus County Hospital District $19,138.00 HHS000735100015
Tyler Family Circle of Care $303,666.67 HHS000735100016
United Medical Centers $92,000.00 HHS000734600030
University Health System dba Bexar County HD $167,137.80 HHS000734600019
UTMB Galveston $719,959.80 HHS000734600022
Women's Healthcare Center $16,666.67 HHS000734600001
YWCA of Lubbock, Inc $99,439.90 HHS000735100017


Grants Awarded

Grantee Name Email Awarded Amount Contract ID or Number
Access Esperanza Clinics Inc. $489,877.50 HHS000734600035
Baylor College of Medicine $1,008,030.26 HHS000734600036
Bee Busy Wellness Center $149,334.30 HHS000734600051
Bell County Public Health District $248,727.57 HHS000734600024
Central Texas Community dba CommUnity Care $59,608.47 HHS000734600043
City of Houston $317,887.50 HHS000734500002
City of Laredo Health Department $240,208.40 HHS000734600020
Community Action, Inc. of Central Texas $103,999.79 HHS000734600038
Gulf Coast Health Center, Inc. $136,243.80 HHS000734500006
Harris County Hospital District $109,055.10 HHS000734600039
Harris County Public Health $360,000.00 HHS000734600002
Health Center Of Southeast Texas $31,653.90 HHS000735100001
Houston Area Community Services, Inc. dba Avenue 360 $1,130,845.23 HHS000734500007
Jasper Newton County Public Health District $33,155.10 HHS000734600021
Kimberly Cares, LLC $78,803.85 HHS000734500008
North Texas Area Community Health Centers, Inc. $120,305.70 HHS000734600044
PHC Global $136,292.10 HHS000734600047
Shifa Healthcare & Community Services USA, Inc. $39,520.33 HHS000734500001
South Plains Public Health District $26,225.65  HHS000734600006 
South Plains Rural Health Service, Inc.  JMADURA@SPRHS.ORG $186,450.60 HHS000734500004
South Texas Family Planning & Health Corporation $691,781.00 HHS000734600033
Spring Branch Community Health Center $75,000.00 HHS000734600050
Stephen F. Austin Community Health Center, Inc. $242,249.70  HHS000734600049 
Tarrant County Hospital District $551,848.26 HHS000734600010
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso $219,504.41 HHS000734600012
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at Permian Basin $225,716.40 HHS000735100002
The Community Health Center of Lubbock, Inc. $297,721.03 HHS000734500005
The Community Health Service Agency, Inc. of Hunt County dba Carevide $247,372.00 HHS000734600016
The Texas International Institute of Health Professions $226,562.20 HS000734600048
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler $188,577.00 HHS000734600007
The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston $470,534.13 HHS000734600022
University Medical dba Bexar County Hospital District $497,873.25 HHS000734600019
Women's and Men's Health Services of the Coastal Bend, Inc. $575,000.00 HHS000734600040
Women's Health Care Center $1,225,231.97 HHS000734600001

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