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Grants Request for Applications (RFA)

Agency Procurement Number Procurement Name Program Name Release Date Due Date
DSHS HHS0000438 School-Based Health Centers RFA HPCDP/SCHOOL 3/15/2019 4/15/2019
DFPS HHS0003643 DFPS PEI Fatherhood: Educating Fathers for Empowering Children Tomorrow (EFFECT) Program PEI Fatherhood 3/12/2019 5/14/2019
HHSC HHS0000776 Substance Use and Misuse Prevention Services Substance Use Disorder Contract Management 3/11/2019 4/1/2019
HHSC HHS0001002 HHSC RFA State Youth Treatment Implementation Recovery Youth Services State Youth Treatment 3/8/2019 4/8/2019
DSHS HHS0004356 Texas Medical Child Abuse Resources and Education System MEDCARES 2 3/6/2019 3/27/2019
HHSC HHS0002702 HHSC Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Services Aging and Disability Resource Centers 2/22/2019 4/5/2019
HHSC HHS0003157 Children with Special Health Care Needs Systems Development Group Children with Special Health Care Needs Systems 2/13/2019 4/1/2019
DFPS HHS0003326 DFPS Healthy Outcomes Through Prevention and Early Support (HOPES I) Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early Support (HOPES) 2/7/2019 4/11/2019
DSHS HHS0000778 DSHS HIV Prevention Services DSHS, TB/HIV/STD Section 2/7/2019 4/8/2019
DSHS HHS0003272 Zoonosis Control Program Animal Friendly Grant CHI/LIDS Unit 1/25/2019 3/25/2019