Cleaning and Disinfecting Practices

Following the instructions for use included in the product labeling is important to ensure that the pathogens specified on the label will be killed. 


Here are a few instructions you should make sure not to overlook:


  1. Is the disinfectant in a ready-to-use format? 
  • Do not mix or dilute unless specified in the label.
  • Follow instructions for how frequently fresh solution should be prepared.
  • Label diluted cleaning solutions (dilute solutions can be a reservoir for pathogens, particularly if the solution is prepared in a dirty container, stored for long periods of time, or prepared incorrectly)
  • Do not "top off" or add new solution to containers of old solution.
  • Ensure the product is not past its expiration date.


  1. Is a cleaning step required before application?
  • Even if you are using a one-step cleaner and disinfectant, if the surface is grossly soiled, a distinct cleaning step may be required before application of the disinfectant.


  1. Read the label:
  • How should you apply the disinfectant?
  • How long should it remain in contact with the surface?
  • How many towelettes or how much disinfectant do you need to use for the area you are disinfecting?


  1. Is the disinfectant compatible with the surface on which it is to be used? 
  • Do you know which disinfectants are intended to be used on which surfaces and under which circumstances if your facility uses multiple disinfectants? For example, stainless steel surfaces may require the use of specific products to protect against damage.