Using Cleaning Equipment Appropriately

You should ensure that cleaning equipment is used appropriately. Consider the following practices:


  • Change cleaning cloths frequently. You will need to use multiple cleaning cloths per room.
    • If you are using a bucket system to dispense your disinfectant - do not dip the cloth back into the bucket after it has been used to wipe a surface.
  • As best practice, change mop heads after use in each room. This may not be the practiced procedure in your facility. You should ALWAYS refer to your facility policy, as you may be held to different requirements
  • Environmental services carts should not enter resident rooms, and supplies brought into the room should be limited to the minimum necessary for that space.


  • Any equipment that enters the room of a resident on Contact Precautions should be cleaned and disinfected before use in another location.



Note: Carts are commonly used by staff to transport supplies throughout the facility. However, if they are not regularly cleaned and disinfected, carts can also serve as a source of pathogen transmission. To minimize the role of carts on pathogen transmission, they should not enter resident rooms and should be cleaned and disinfected at least daily.