The Laundry Process: Collection

The laundry process starts with the removal of used or contaminated textiles, fabrics, and/or clothing from the areas where such contamination occurred.


Contaminated linens and fabrics are placed into bags at the site of collection. These bags are then securely tied or otherwise closed to prevent leakage.


A single bag is usually sufficient for containing laundry, but leak-resistant containment is needed if the laundry is wet and capable of soaking through a cloth bag.


If the outside of the collection bag is wet or visibly dirty, double bag the laundry.


Bags containing contaminated laundry must be clearly identified with labels, color-coding, or other methods so that health-care workers handle these items safely, regardless of whether the laundry is transported within the facility or destined for transport to an off-site laundry service.


Personal clothing that is not soiled with body wastes may be stored in a closed container in the resident's closet. The clothing must be collected and cleaned at least weekly.