Policies & Procedures

You are responsible for knowing the recommended practices for cleaning and disinfecting laid out by your facility's Infection Prevention Control (IPC) program.


Your knowledge of the cleaning and disinfection policies and procedures should include:

  • An understanding of the terms "cleaning" and "disinfecting."
  • The purpose of the policies and procedures. 
  • Identifying the supplies that are necessary for cleaning and disinfecting
  • The frequency of cleaning and disinfection in different locations throughout the facility.
  • Knowing which products should be used under different circumstances.
    • For example, if a resident has been placed on transmission-based precautions, you would want to ensure that the products used to clean and disinfect surfaces in their room are effective against the pathogen of concern.  
  • An outline of the steps and workflow processes for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.
    • Measures that should be taken to minimize contamination of cleaning equipment (such as not dipping a used cleaning cloth or mop back into disinfecting solution).
  • Which PPE should be used when cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces. 
    • The PPE should protect against both exposure to blood and body fluids and the cleaning and disinfecting products.
  • The steps for cleaning and disinfecting spills of blood or body fluids.