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Provider (PL) and Information (IL) Letters

Number Title Date
IL 2009-175 Employment Services Training and Technical Assistance Initiative 12/15/2009
IL 2009-180 Changes to rules regarding Attendant Compensation Reports and reinvestment of recouped funds 12/11/2009
IL 2009-158 Personal Care Services and CLASS Habilitation
This information is now contained in the TAC or a handbook.
IL 2009-169 Payment for Nursing Services 12/11/2009
IL 2009-166 2009 Cost Report On-line Training Requirements
this letter was retired on Nov. 19, 2013
IL 2009-137 Contract Review of Department of Public Safety (DPS) Criminal History Reports Retrieved from the DPS Secure Website Note: this letter is under review and may be reissued at a later date. 10/29/2009
IL 2009-134 Clarification on CLASS Provider and CMA Responsibilities Related to Consumer Directed Services (CDS) Option for Nursing Services 10/02/2009
IL 2009-127 Rate Increase and IPC Adjustments for CDS
This information is now contained in the TAC or a handbook.
IL 2009-123 Reimbursement Rates Effective August 1, 2009 9/04/2009
IL 2009-120 Expansion of Services Available Through the Consumer Directed Services (CDS) Option in the CLASS Program
This information is now contained in the TAC or a handbook.
IL 2009-118 Reimbursement Rates Effective September 1, 2009 8/31/2009
IL 2009-110 Renewal of CLASS Waiver
This information is now contained in the TAC or a handbook.
IL 2009-114 Cost Report Audits 8/17/2009
IL 2009-105 Clarification on the Fair Hearing Request Process 8/07/2009
IL 2009-73 Cutoff Dates for Miscellaneous Claims and Year-end Closeout Processing
this letter was retired on April 23, 2020
IL 2009-94 Reminder: 12-Month Claims Payment Rule 7/28/2009
IL 2009-59 Notice of Activities to be Conducted Under the Authority of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) by Medicaid Integrity Contractors (MICs)
Replaced by IL 12-65
IL 2009-55 Clarification on the Requirement for the Heimlich Maneuver for all Direct Care Workers and/or Habilitation Attendant Staff 5/05/2009
IL 2009-37 Clarification of the Case Manager's Role when Individuals Receiving Waiver Services are Admitted for Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment 4/07/2009
IL 2009-29 Economic Stimulus Single Payment (Revised)
this letter was retired on Nov. 19, 2013
IL 2009-33 Provider Screening of Employees, Subcontractors for Excluded Persons Replaced by IL 2010-20, IL 2011-102, IL 2012-19 and IL 2011-07 according to the programs listed in each letter. Retired 9/26/13 3/13/2009
IL 2009-36 TV Converter Box Program Update 3/13/2009
IL 2009-04 Cost Information Requested by January 22, 2009, for Transportation Services Provided to DADS Clients during Hurricane Ike (Note: This letter was retired 4/22/2009 per DADS CFO) 1/12/2009
IL 2008-158 Change of Ownership and Contract Assignment Requirements This letter was retired on Dec. 12, 2012, per DADS CPI 12/31/2008
IL 2008-162 Consumer Employment Survey 11/03/2008

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