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RS&C Letters

Title Date
2007-02 PDF Federal Monitoring Surveys - Selecting Providers/Suppliers for Federal Long Term Care Monitoring Surveys
Note: the file is quite large and may take some time to download.
2007-01 PDF Termination Notification Letter to the Provider/Supplier and State Medicaid Agencies; Guidance on creating or attaching notices for all non-LTC provider types in any ASPEN program (ACO/ACTS) 12/14/2006
2006-06 PDF Clarification of Guidance for Nursing Home Surveyors Regarding Pressure Ulcers (F314) 4/19/2006
2006-05 PDF Electronic Provider Enrollment Notices 3/9/2006
2006-04 PDF Length of time for validity of information on Form CMS-855 2/8/2006
2006-03 PDF Documentation of the legal name in the ASPEN system 2/7/2006
2006-01 PDF The Use of Identification Wristbands in Nursing Homes 12/2/2005
2005-10 PDF Continuing Noncompliance Cycles on Standard Surveys: Correction to RS&C Letter 05-04 9/9/2005
2005-09 PDF Procedural Changes for Long Term Care (LTC) Certification Packets 7/25/2005
2005-08 PDF Provider-Based Status Instructions (This RS&C letter replaces RS&C 04-05 and RS&C 02-01) 6/3/2005
2005-07 PDF Clarification -- State Operations Manual (SOM) -- Section 3012, Termination Procedures – Noncompliance With One or More CoPs or Conditions for Coverage and Cited Deficiencies Limit Capacity of Provider/Supplier to Furnish Adequate Level or Quality of Care (Medicare) (This does not apply to SNFs/NFs) 5/23/2005
2005-06 PDF Multiple Patient Use of Fingerstick and Glucose Monitoring Devices in Health Care Facilities 6/10/2005
2005-05 PDF Assuring Correct Information on the CMS 671 and CMS 672 3/31/2005
2005-04 PDF Noncompliance Cycles on Onsite Revisits and Standard Surveys (Note: corrected by RS&C 05-10)
Replaced by RS&C 05-10 PDF
2005-03 PDF Severity Guidance When Dish Sanitation Standards Are Not Met 3/23/2005
2005-02 PDF Facility Involvement with the Survey Process (Both Long Term Care and Non-Long Term Care) 2/14/2005
2004-10 PDF ASPEN Central Office and ASPEN Regional Office Procedures for Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) 11/4/2004
2004-09 PDF New Change of Ownership Procedure for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities/Nursing Facilities 10/14/2004
2004-08 PDF Serving Undercooked or Raw Eggs to Nursing Home Residents 10/8/2004
2004-07 PDF Policy Change Regarding Imposition of Statutory Denial of Payment for New Admissions for Opportunity to Correct Enforcement Actions in Nursing Home 10/8/2004

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