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RS&C Letters

Title Date
2004-04 ASPEN Central Office and ASPEN Regional Office Procedures For Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) -- Rescinded by RS&C No. 04-10 9/20/2004
2004-03 PDF Southern Consortium Life Safety Code (LSC) Waiver and Policy Request Procedures 3/11/2004
2004-02 PDF Regional Office Referral Guidelines for Non-Deemed Provider Complaints. 3/11/2004
2003-08 PDF Modification of Complaint Procedures for Accredited Hospitals 9/12/2003
2003-07 PDF Aspen Central Office and Aspen Regional Office Procedures For Home Health Agencies (HHA) 4/28/2003
2003-06 PDF Information Required by Regulation for CMS to Timely Initiate, Continue, or Stop Any Nursing Home Enforcement Action 4/3/2003
2003-05 PDF Procedural Changes for ASC's, CHMC's, CORF's, ESRD's, Hospitals and OPT/SP Provider/Suppliers (supercedes RS&C #02-05) 4/16/2003
2003-04 PDF State Agency Responsibilities Following Completion of Nursing Home Informal Dispute Resolution 4/14/2003
2003-03 PDF Protecting Personal Health Information in our Survey and Certification Files 4/3/2003
2003-02 PDF Focus Validation Surveys of Accredited Hospitals    1/2/2003
2003-01 PDF Validation Surveys of Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC), Home Health Agencies (HHA), and Hospices   1/2/2003
2002-13 PDF OSCAR System Release 2002.2    12/13/2002
2002-12 PDF Clarification of Homebound Criteria   12/12/2002
2002-11 PDF Guidance on the Removal, Correction, and Documentation of Immediate Jeopardy   12/12/2002
2002-10 PDF Privacy of Medical Record Information Rural Health Clinics (Ref:# S&C-02-36) 8/8/2002
2002-09 PDF Outpatient Physical Therapy (OPT) and Outpatient Speech Pathology (OSP) Services 8/8/2002
2002-08 PDF Home Health Agencies and the Formation of Separate Entities 7/9/2002
2002-07 PDF ASPEN Central Office and ASPEN Regional Office Procedures for Long Term Care Providers (SNF/NF) 5/31/2002
2002-06 PDF Provider Change in Location and the Selling of Medicare Provider Numbers 5/28/2002
2002-05 PDF Procedural Changes for ASCs, CMHCs, CORFs, ESRDs, Hospitals, and OPT/SP (superceded by RS&C #03-05) 5/2/2002

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