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RS&C Letters

Title Date
2002-04 PDF Provider-based Status Instructions 5/2/2002
2002-03 PDF Clarification of CMS Policies Regarding Ambulatory Surgical Centers 3/7/2002
2002-02 PDF Termination of Accredited Hospital 3/4/2002
2002-01 Provider-based Status Instructions
Replaced by RS&C 05-08 PDF
2001-21 PDF Procedures for reviewing Extension Units of Providers of Outpatient Physical Therapy or Speech Pathology (OPT/SP) Services 12/21/2001
2001-20 PDF Questions and Answers on the New HCFA-855(A) and (B) Applications 12/6/2001
2001-19 OSCAR RELEASE 2001.2 12/13/2001
2001-18 PDF State Agency Annual Report to Regional Office on Location of Extension Units 11/26/2001
2001-17 PDF OSCAR Data Entry Users Guide Made E-Z 11/13/2001
2001-16 PDF OASIS Requirements in Accredited Home Health Agencies 9/4/2001
2001-15 PDF New HCFA-855(A) and (B) Applications and Procedures 8/23/2001
2001-14 PDF Voluntary terminations From the Medicare and/or Medicaid Programs While Not in Substantial Compliance 8/13/2001
2001-13 PDF Signing of Physician's orders 6/8/2001
2001-12 PDF HCFA-670 National Guidance Package 8/1/2001
2001-11 PDF OSCAR/ODIE Release 2001.1 6/8/2001
2001-10 PDF Clarification of Policies about Verification of Compliance and Setting 3 and 6 month Remedy Effective Dates (RE: S&C01-10) 5/11/2001
2001-09 PDF Hospice Questions and Answers (Taken From S&C Letter 01-13 From Steven Pelovitz) 4/30/2001
2001-08 PDF Comprehensive assessment of home health patients 4/9/2001
2001-07 PDF Physician Orders by Facsimile Machine in Home Health Agencies (HHAs) 3/14/2001
2001-06 PDF Appeal Rights for Loss of Nurse Aide Training Program When Substandard Quality of Care Is Determined 3/14/2001

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