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RS&C Letters

Title Date
2000-11 PDF State Operations Manual (SOM) revisions related to nurse aide training competency and evaluation and competency evaluation programs  (EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY) 4/13/2000
2000-10 PDF Voluntary Terminations/Withdrawals from the Medicare Program (EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY) 4/19/2000
2000-09 PDF Special Focus Facility (SFF) Reports 4/18/2000
2000-07 PDF Entering Nursing Home Staggered Survey Certification and Reporting System (OSCAR) - ACTION -- DUE 2/29/2000 2/18/2000
2000-06 PDF Deemed Hospices 2/4/2000
2000-05 PDF Record Retention of Home Health Agency (HHA) Medical Records 1/11/2000
2000-04 PDF Continuing an Enforcement Action Upon Finding New Noncompliance at a Revisit (This RS&C Letter supersedes 95-43 & 97-23) 2/1/2000
2000-03 PDF Clarification on Citing Deficiencies for Situations Involving Abusive Behaviors by Demented Residents 1/19/2000
2000-02 PDF Handling Bed Changes during a Public Health Emergency (e.g., Current Flue Outbreak) 1/18/2000
2000-01 PDF Utilization Review (UR) Condition of Participation (CoP) for Hospitals 1/11/2000
1999-33 PDF Special Focus Facility (SFF) Reports 12/20/1999
1999-32 PDF Home Health Agency Branch Offices 12/13/1999
1999-30 PDF The Patient's Rights Condition of Participation for Hospitals 12/12/1999
1999-28 PDF Monitoring Activities For Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) - INFORMATION 9/2/1999
1999-27 PDF New Instructions for Completion of the Form HCFA-855 -- Effective September 3, 1999 8/6/1999
1999-26 PDF Form HCFA-82 Roster/Sample Matrix 8/6/1999
1999-25 PDF Clarification of Home Health Agency (HHA) Interpretive Guideline Tag G161 6/24/1999
1999-24 PDF Effective Date of Medicare Approval of the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Health Care Organization (JCAHO) Deeming Authority for Hospices 7/8/1999
1999-23 PDF Certification of a Hospital-Based Skilled Nursing Facility With Two or More Remote Locations 6/2/1999

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