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RS&C Letters

Title Date
1998-22 PDF Revision to Federal Monitoring Surveys for Nursing Homes 11/24/1998
1998-21 PDF Distinct Part Skilled Nursing Facility Beds 11/24/1998
1998-20 PDF Clarification of Revisit Policy 10/5/1998
1998-19 PDF Revision to the Mandatory Criteria of a Poor Performing, Long Term Care Facility 6/23/1999
1998-18 PDF Changes in Nursing Home Survey and Certification Procedures 9/22/1998
1998-17 PDF Clarification of Survey Issues 8/31/1998
1998-16 PDF Request For The State Agencies To Forward Their Schedule For Surveying Long Term Care Nursing Facilities (LTCs) To The Regional Office 8/27/1998
1998-15 PDF Medicare Hospice - Interdisciplinary Team 8/24/1998
1998-14 PDF State Specification of the Resident Assessment Instrument 2.0 (01/30/98) 8/5/1998
1998-13 PDF Enforcement Procedures when a Nursing Home Fails to Transmit Minimum Data Set (MDS) to the State 8/13/1998
1998-12 PDF Current MUA/MUP list and access to HPSA List Via Internet 7/28/1998
1998-11 PDF Vencor's Nursing Homes: Inappropriate Discharges and Transfers 7/13/1998
1998-10 PDF Specific Practices Involving Long Term Care Nursing Facilities and Hospices Which May Be Kickbacks 7/8/1998
1998-09 PDF Leaving Draft HCFA-2567s With the Provider 6/26/1998
1998-08 PDF Voluntary Withdrawals From The Medicare Program 5/22/1998
1998-07 PDF Guidance on Surveying Existing Hospice Sub-locations That Do Not Meet the Criteria for Provider-Based Designation 5/18/1998
1998-06 PDF Provider Change in Location and the Selling of Medicare Provider Numbers 4/27/1998
1998-05 PDF Balanced Budget Act of 1997: Implementation of the Refinement of the Shortage Area Requirements and the Staffing Waiver Requirement 4/23/1998
1998-04 PDF Questions and Answers About Surveying Hospices 3/24/1998
1998-03 PDF Requirements for Renal Dialysis Centers (RDC) and Affiliation Agreements with RDCs -- Action 3/6/1998

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