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NOTE: In the past, the CMS Dallas Regional Office frequently transmitted federal S&C letters from Baltimore to the states through "Regional Survey and Certification (RS&C)" letters. Today, states have online access to federal S&C letters at http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Provider-Enrollment-and-Certification/SurveyCertificationGenInfo/Policy-and-Memos-to-States-and-Regions.html. Online access is quicker and reduces redundancy. The CMS Dallas Regional Office will continue to issue RS&C letters when a subject needs further clarification. For questions about a federal S&C letter, please email the Regulatory Services Policy Unit in state office.

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S&C Letters

Number Title Context
09-40 PDF One-time Cash Benefit to ICF/MR Clients Memo PDF 5/29/2009
09-39 PDF Nursing Home Requirements for Food Procurement, Self Determination, and Participation Memo PDF 5/29/2009
09-38 PDF One Time Cash Benefit to Nursing Home Residents Memo PDF 5/15/2009
09-36 PDF H1N1 Flu (Swine-Origin Influenza A) -- State Survey Agency Guidance and Survey / Affected Provider Tracking Tools Memo PDF 5/06/2009
09-34 PDF Release of Form CMS-2567 (Statement of Deficiencies) by State Survey Agencies (SAs) Memo PDF 5/04/2009
09-33 PDF Survey and Certification Issues Related to Swine Flu Outbreak Memo PDF 4/28/2009
09-31 PDF Nursing Homes -- Issuance of Revisions to Interpretive Guidance at Several Tags, as Part of Appendix PP, State Operations Manual (SOM), and Training Materials Memo PDF 4/10/2009
09-29 PDF Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Warning to Nursing Homes Regarding Recalled Food Products Containing Peanuts Memo PDF 3/27/2009
09-22 PDF Nursing Homes - Issuance of Revised Quality of Care Guidance at F-309, including Pain Management as Part of Appendix PP, State Operations Manual, Additional Minor Changes Made to Appendices P and PP as Described Memo PDF 1/23/2009
09-20 PDF Survey and Certification Issues Related to Liability Notices and Beneficiary Appeal Rights in Nursing Homes Memo PDF 1/09/2009
09-19 PDF Advance Copy Hospice Program Interpretive Guidance Version 1.1 Memo PDF 1/02/2009
09-18 PDF The Five-Star Nursing Home Rating System -- Questions and Answers Memo PDF 12/19/2008
09-17 PDF Nursing Homes: Launching of Five Star Rating System on the Nursing Home Compare Website Memo PDF 12/05/2008
09-11 PDF Release of Report: "Freedom from Unnecessary Physical Restraints: Two Decades of National Progress in Nursing Home Care" Memo PDF 11/07/2008
09-08 PDF Accreditation and Its Impact on Various Survey and Certification Scenarios Memo PDF 10/17/2008
09-05 PDF Special Focus Facility (SFF) Program Survey Scoring Methodology Memo PDF 10/10/2008
09-04 PDF Adoption of New Fire Safety Requirements for LTC, Mandatory Sprinkler Installation Requirement N/A 10/03/2008
08-37 PDF Impact of Nursing Shortage on Hospice Memo PDF 9/19/2008
08-36 PDF Survey and Certification Issues Related to Hurricane Ike Memo PDF 9/13/2008
08-33 PDF Survey and Certification Issues Related to Hurricane Gustav N/A 9/02/2008

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