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Letters [Provider (PL) and Information (IL)]

Number Title Date
IL 2021-03 PDF COVID-19 CLASS and DBMD Interest List Reduction Slot Releases Note:
Replaces IL20-26
IL 2020-48 PDF Cost/Accountability Report and 2021 Accountability Report Training Information 12/04/2020
IL 2020-46 PDF Renewal of ID/RC Assessments and IPCs and Requirements for Revised IPCs and Transfer IPCs Note:
Replaces IL 20-12
IL 2020-44 PDF Changes to HHSC Approved Diagnostic Codes for Persons with Related Conditions List Note:
Replaces IL 19-25
IL 2020-40 PDF Changes to Determining Billable Units and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Claims Matching 09/23/2020

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