What is an Employability Check?

To determine employability, facilities and agencies must check an applicant's criminal history, Nurse Aide Registry status and Employee Misconduct Registry status.

DADS directs providers to verify employability of nurse aides using the Employability Status Check Search website. This website consolidates checks of the Nurse Aide Registry (NAR) and checks of other systems. Therefore, verifying a nurse aide's status through the Employability Status Check Search system is the equivalent of using the NAR and is considered in compliance with all applicable federal regulations and state licensure laws.

DADS has experienced technical difficulties with the implementation of the Credential Management system, causing the status of some nurse aides to show inaccurately in the Employability Status Check Search system. If a provider performed a status search 7/8/15-9/15/15, he or she should perform a new Employability Status Check search or contact the NAR program at 512-438-2050 to verify the status. DADS will issue written confirmation to the provider verifying the nurse aide's employability status. This letter should be maintained in the nurse aide's employee records.

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Updated: August 22, 2016