Home Health Aide Training

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The training portion of a training and competency evaluation program for home health aides must be conducted by or under the general supervision of a registered nurse (RN) who possesses a minimum of two years of nursing experience, at least one year of which must be in the provision of home health care.  

The training program may contain other aspects of learning, but must contain the following:

  • A minimum of 75 hours as follows: an appropriate number of hours of classroom instruction; and a minimum of 16 hours of clinical experience, which will include in-home training and must be conducted in a home, hospital, nursing home, or a laboratory;
  • Completion of at least 16 hours of classroom training before a home health aide begins clinical experience working directly with clients under the supervision of qualified instructors; and
  • An assessment that shows the trainee knows how to read and write English and can carry out directions.

Note: There is no registry, certification, or state exam for home health aides in Texas. 


If licensed vocational nurse (LVN) instructors are used for the training portion of the program, the following qualifications and supervisory requirements apply:

  • An LVN may provide the home health aide classroom training under the supervision of an RN who has two years of nursing experience; at least one year of which must be in the provision of home health care;
  • LVNs, as well as RNs, may supervise home health aide candidates during the clinical experience; and
  • An RN must maintain overall responsibility for the training and supervision of all home healthe aide training students. 



Source: 26 TAC §558.701