Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions (ICF/IID) Provider Resources

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Information Letters (IL)

Number Title Date
IL 2019-34 PDF Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions (ICF/IID) 12/11/2019
IL 2019-33 PDF 2019 Cost Report and 2020 Accountability Report Training Information 12/01/2019
IL 2019-27 PDF Payment Rates for ICF/IID Program Effective Retroactive to September 1, 2019 10/14/2019
IL 2019-25 PDF Changes to HHSC Approved Diagnostic Codes for Persons with Related Conditions List Note:
Replaces IL 18-04
IL 2019-22 PDF Fiscal Year 2019 Cutoff Date for Year-end Closeout Processing 08/08/2019
IL 2019-11 PDF Preparing for the Upcoming Fiscal Year 2019 Fee-for-Service Claims Billing Closeout 06/14/2019
IL 2019-07 PDF Implementation of the Intellectual Developmental Disability Operations Portal for HCS, TxHmL, ICF/IID, and LIDDAs 03/27/2019
IL 2019-02 PDF 2018 Cost Report and 2018 Accountability Report Training Information 02/22/2019
IL 2019-01 PDF 2019 Upper Payment Limit (UPL) Program 01/24/2019
IL 2018-11 PDF Changes to HHSC-Approved Diagnostic Codes for Persons with Related Conditions list Note: Replaces IL 18-04 09/20/2018

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Provider Letters (PL)

Number Title Date
PL 2020-08 PDF Requirement to Submit Facility Resident Death Report 02/12/2020
PL 2020-03 PDF Provider Responsibility for Renewing a License 01/09/2020
PL 2020-01 PDF How to File a Complaint Regarding a Surveyor and Report Survey Inconsistencies 01/07/2020
PL 2019-21 PDF ICF Bed Allocation Process 09/09/2019
PL 2019-20 PDF Enforcement of State Licensure Violations 08/29/2019
PL 2019-19 PDF Retired Survey and Certification Clarification Letters 10/10/2019
PL 2019-18 PDF Status of an Active License During a Renewal Process 07/29/2019
PL 2019-16 PDF Responsibility for Records After a Management Change 07/03/2019
PL 2019-11 PDF New Policy, Rules and Training Mailbox 04/23/2019
PL 2019-08 PDF Trauma-informed Care (TIC) Training Note: Replaces PL 16-15 04/01/2019

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Federal Survey and Certification (S&C) Letters (five most recent displayed)

Number Title Contact
18-08 PDF An Initiative to Address Facility Initiated Discharges that Violate Federal Regulations N/A 12/26/2017
18-02 PDF Clarification regarding Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP/CEP) Waiver and Appeal Requirements N/A 10/27/2017
18-01 PDF Revised Policies regarding the Immediate Imposition of Federal Remedies- FOR ACTION N/A 10/27/2017
17-47 PDF Advance Notice Solicitation Deadline - National Background Check Program N/A 09/29/2017
17-45 PDF Electronic Staffing Submission - Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Public Use File N/A 09/25/2017

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State Survey and Certification Clarification (S&CC) Memos (five most recent displayed)

Number Title Date
2016-11 PDF New Rules for HCSSAs Providing Habilitation 09/06/2016
2016-05 Employee Misconduct Registry (EMR), Nurse Aide Registry (NAR), and Medication Aide Registry (MAR) Referral Process 06/22/2016
2016-04 PDF Survey Revisit Guidance 06/08/2016
2016-02 PDF Prompt Reporting of Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation (ANE) 02/23/2016
2016-01 PDF Nursing Facility Administrator (NFA) License Verification 01/26/2016

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Regional Survey and Certification (RS&C) Letters (five most recent displayed)

Number Title Date
2017-05 PDF Temporary Facility Closure for Repair or Renovation 11/01/2017
2014-02 PDF Guidance for Processing Non-Compliance with State Licensure Requirements 05/16/2014
2012-04 PDF CMS Region VI-Dallas Delegation of Notification of the Imposition and Starting Date of Optional Denial of Payment for New Admissions to the State Survey Agencies in Region VI 03/14/2012
2012-02 PDF Procedural Instructions for Processing Certifications Concerning Legal Names and Doing Business as Names of Providers and Suppliers 02/17/2012
2012-01 PDF Voluntary Termination and Related Processes 02/10/2012

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