Financial Management Services Agencies (FMSA) Training

Businesses or other entities that want to contract with the state to be an FMSA must complete a 2-day training course provided by HHSC.

FMSAs are the vendor fiscal/employer agents for people who hire their own employees for certain services, also called CDS employers. FMSAs provide payroll services as well as deposit and report withholding taxes on behalf CDS employers. FMSAs also assume tax liability for proper withholding of federal income taxes and federal unemployment tax in accordance with Section 3504 of the Internal Revenue Code. In addition, they must comply with state laws and regulations of the Texas Workforce Commission regarding payment of state unemployment taxes.

FMSAs do not deliver direct in-home or community-based services, such as attendant services.

Visit the "How to Become a CDS Provider" webpage for more information about contracting.

Note: Contracting of an entity as an FMSA does not guarantee referrals. All FMSAs are included on a choice list provided to people who have chosen the CDS option.

Why is Training Necessary for FMSAs?

FMS is a highly complex and technical service. It requires thorough understanding of and rigid compliance with federal laws and rules of the Internal Revenue Service relating to being a fiscal employer agent on behalf of individuals using Medicaid funded programs. FMSAs must have a working knowledge of all home- and community-based services provided by HHSC, as well as knowledge of principles of self-determination and person first language and practices.

Training Attendance Requirements

To be considered eligible for an FMSA contract:

  • At least 2 key operations staff, including the program manager and payroll staff, must attend each presentation, each day of the training.
  • All trainees must sign in each day in order to be considered eligible for a contract.
  • All trainees must demonstrate understanding of the material by passing a knowledge test at the end of the 2-day training.

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