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Welcome to Module 1 of Child Care Regulation's Licensed Child Care Center Pre-Application training for future child care providers. Review the course navigation table below and the information in the sidebar on the right. When you are done, click next to begin!

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When opening the course, you may need to click 'Allow Blocked Content' to proceed.


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If you need to make the text on the screen larger or smaller, click 'Ctrl - or +' on your keyboard use your computer Zoom function to make the page larger (+) or smaller (-).

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At the end of the training, press 'Ctrl + W' to close the window, exit the course.

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Check the sidebar for the 'Note' icon for helpful hints as well as other information.

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Pay special attention to 'Important' information in the sidebar noted by the exclamation icon.

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Look for this 'Find It Here' icon in sidebars and to find clickable links for additional content.

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This form is available in Spanish.