Licensed Child Care Home Pre-Application
Module 2

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Welcome to Module 2 of Child Care Regulation's Licensed Child Care Home Pre-Application training for future child care providers. You will receive your certificate of completion at the end of Module 4.

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Course Map

This training has separate modules you must complete in sequential order. You will receive your certificate of completion at the end of Module 4. Click next to begin Module 2!

Module 1

 Introduction and Background

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Module 2

Required Application Materials and Forms for Licensed Child Care Homes

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Module 3

Regulatory Process and Enforcement Actions


Module 4

Minimum Standard Rules


What are the required application materials and forms?


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There are a number of required forms to apply for a license. In this module, we will discuss each of them. Remember to write down any questions you may have as we review each form.




How do I complete and submit the required application materials and forms?

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There are a few ways to complete and submit the application materials and forms.

Please review the options detailed below and select the best one for you.

Once you have selected which option you would like, click next to get started.





Option 1

(Submit Online)

Preferred Method


  • Review - You will review all forms now.


  • Complete - At the end of the training, there will be a link to complete an online application.


  • Submit - You will submit via your online Child Care Regulation account which is preferred.



Option 2

(Complete Now & Mail In)


  • Review - You will review each form now.
  • Complete - Immediately after reviewing each form, you will click the link in the side bar for a fillable form to complete.
  • Submit - You will mail in all forms and required documents when you are ready.

 (Note:You will need to be able to digitally save or print your completed forms during this training.)



Option 3

(Complete Later & Mail In)


  • Review - You will review all forms now.
  • Complete - After the you have completed the training, there will be a link to all fillable forms for you to complete when you are ready.
  • Submit - You will mail in all forms and required documents when you are ready. 



Form 2910 - Child Day Care Licensing Application

In this form, you will provide information about your child care home.

File and document with pencil. This includes:

  • governing body information;
  • your information as the applicant;
  • ages of the children you plan to serve;
  • your anticipated capacity;
  • services you will provide;
  • your license history; and
  • other information for the Child Care Regulation public website.

Finger with bow.

Also, don't forget to certify and sign the form.


Form 2948 - Plan of Operation

A Plan of Operation is an essential part of your application, because it is your opportunity to develop a plan for how you will meet and maintain compliance with Minimum Standards at your child care home. It is important you are detailed and thorough in completing your plan and clearly address each question.

Form 2911 - Governing Body/Director Designation

You must meet both educational and experience requirements to become a qualified director.

Form 2982 - Personal History Statement

As part of an application for a license, you must complete a Personal History Statement, Form 2982. This form provides Child Care Regulation with basic contact and identification information, education and employment experience and any previous licenses you may have held. There are also sections requesting your physical and emotional status and whether or not you have a child abuse or criminal history background.

Form 2760 - Controlling Person

The Texas Human Resources Code (HRC), §42.002(18) states a Controlling Person is "a person who, either alone or in connection with others, has the ability to directly or indirectly influence or direct the management, expenditures, or policies" of a child care home.

The Texas Administrative Code (TAC), §745.901 more specifically defines a controlling person of a child care home as follows:

(a) Any person who:

(For example, a person may have influence over the child care home because of a personal, familial, or other relationship with the governing body, manager, or other controlling person of the child care home.)

(b) A person does not have to be present at the child care home or hold an official title at the child care home or governing body in order to be a controlling person.

Who needs a background check?

Finger being fingerprinted.

In order to prevent risk to children, people responsible for and alone with children in care at your child care home are required to have a background check.


The following are required to request a background check:

When must I submit a background check?

Fingerprint check. You must re-submit background check requests through the online Child Care Regulation account every:

- and -

You must also submit renewal background checks when:

How will I submit background checks?

Man on laptop.

You will submit background checks on yourself, your household members and those you intend to hire. In your application, you must also include a valid email addressEmail icon. where you will be receiving correspondence from us. Once you receive an operation number, you will register online.

You will use your online Child Care Regulation account to submit your background checks online. Once submitted, you, your household member or staff, will receive an email with instructions.


Form 2971 - Request for Criminal History & Central Registry & Fingerprint Scheduling Information

Now, that you have learned some information about background checks, review the background request form below. Once you are done, click next to move on.

Form 2985 - Affidavit for Employment

The Texas Human Resources Code (HRC), §42.059 requires all applicants for employment at your child care home to complete and sign this affidavit before a Notary Public.

Keeping Children Safe

Minimum Standard Rule (MSR), §747.401(3) requires you to post the Keeping Children Safe poster in a prominent place where parents and visitors can read it at all times.

Child Safety Guide

The Child Safety Guide is a helpful resource to keep on hand. Share with your staff and parents or even post it in you Licensed Child Care Home. Review the guide then click next to continue.


What is Employee List Validation and how often must it be completed?

Hand holding checkmark sign. To support Child Care Regulation's participation in the FBI National Rap Back service, the rules require each child care home to validate that the list of persons associated with your child care home is accurate. This requirement ensures we only receive the FBI National Rap Back service information for persons who are still actively employed by or otherwise associated with a child care home.

What other application documents are required?

Application Documents.

 It is important you are aware of additional documents or information necessary to complete an application for a Licensed Child Care Home. These additional documents include the following:




  • Proof of high school diploma or equivalent


CPR/First Aid


  • Proof of pediatric CPR/First Aid training certification


Training Certificate

of Completion


  • Verification the applicant completed this required pre-application training within 1 year prior to the date of application


Floor Plan


  • Floor plan of the home and space to be used for child care, including dimensions of the indoor and outdoor space


Are there other things I need to consider?


Yes, when completing your application, you need to consider the following:

  • You have complied with all local fire, city, county or municipality codes,

- and -

  • You have verified there are no local restrictions, such as local zoning, home owner or neighborhood association requirements.





How do I submit my application?

 Mail, internet and hand with file.

You will submit your completed forms along with supplemental information to your local Child Care Regulation office.

Once you receive an invoice to pay the application fee, you may pay through your online Child Care Regulation account (preferred method) or by mailing the invoice and payment to the address listed on the invoice.


How long does it take to process?

Once your application is received, it can take Child Care Regulation up to 21 days to review and process.

Child Care Regulation Application Process cycle.

What if my application is incomplete?

Document with question mark. During the review, the Child Care Regulation inspector may contact you by phone or email if there are any questions or minor corrections. If there is missing information, your application will be returned. If your application is returned, you will receive a letter indicating the items or information missing from your application. You will be required to resubmit your application and once you resubmit, the timeframes start over.


How many times can my application be returned?

Three envelopes with left facing arrows.

 Your application may be returned to you 3 times and after the 3rd time, you will not be able to re-submit an application for 1 year.

This rarely occurs, but it is best you work closely with your Child Care Regulation inspector.

What happens once my application is accepted?

 Man with checkmark over document.

Once your application has been accepted, we will send you a notification letter explaining acceptance is complete. Then an application inspection, also referred to as a standard by standard inspection, will be conducted within 21 days of your application being accepted.

What happens at my application inspection?

Home and playground. During the application inspection a thorough walk-through of all indoor and outdoor areas will take place. Each room, activity space and outdoor areas will be measured and your home's capacity will be determined. Every room in the house will be included in the walk-through and all minimum standards will be evaluated to ensure compliance, including the review of any required inspections.

Any deficiencies noted during the inspection must be corrected before a license can be issued. Your Child Care Regulation inspector will provide you with technical assistance (TA) to offer you different ways to meet the intent behind the Minimum Standards.

We will review the Minimum Standards in Module 4.

How long to issue or deny?


From the date an application is accepted, Child Care Regulation has 60 days to either issue or deny an initial/full license. If there is a concern corrections cannot be made within the 60 day timeframe and you are not caring for children, it may be necessary for you to withdraw your application and re-apply.


How long is my initial license valid?


Once an initial license is issued it will be valid for 6 months. During the 6 months, your Child Care Regulation inspector will conduct at least 3 initial inspections while children are in care. A portion of the Minimum Standards will be evaluated during each inspection.

We will talk more about the Texas Workforce Commission in Module 4.



What happens to my initial license after the first 6 months?

Calendar with six in a circle.png

At the conclusion of the 6 months, we will determine if your child care home has demonstrated an ability to comply with the law, administrative rules and Minimum Standards. Throughout the inspection process, we will provide feedback and technical assistance (TA) to lead you to success.


Can my initial license be renewed?


Permit denied.

Yes, your initial license may be renewed for another 6 months if you have not been able to demonstrate compliance with children in care. You will be required to pay an additional $35 initial license fee and your child care home may be encouraged to complete a Provider Plan of Action.


How will I receive my full license?

Computer screen with dollar sign..png


At the end of your initial period and successful demonstration of compliance with Minimum Standards, you will be eligible for a full license. You will be required to pay your permit and capacity fees prior to issuance.

Who is responsible for compliance?

 Person with arms up and hearts.


You, the license holder! You must ensure compliance is met and maintained at your child care home at all times.The primary caregiver ensures the overall daily compliance and appropriately supervises and trains caregivers to know, understand and meet the Minimum Standards. You may be cited, and possibly encouraged to complete a Provider Plan of Action, or further enforcement action, if your child care home is unable to demonstrate an ability to comply with the law, administrative rules and Minimum Standards.



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Way to go! You have completed Module 2 of the Licensed Child Care Home Pre-Application training.


Module 1

Introduction and Background

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Module 2


Required Application Materials and Forms for Licensed Child Care Homes


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Module 3


Regulatory Process and Enforcement Actions


 Green next right facing arrow.

Module 4


Minimum Standard Rules



When you are ready to continue, navigate to Module 3. To exit this module and close this window, press Ctrl + W. You will receive your certificate after the completion of Module 4.