Rule: When is a food allergy emergency plan required?


Minimum standard rules for child care centers and homes (Chapters 744, 746 & 747) specify the food allergy emergency plan is required for each child with a diagnosed food allergy. The required food allergy emergency plan must be signed and dated by the child's health care professional and the child's parent. In addition, a copy of the child's food allergy emergency plan must be kept in the child's file.

 Consider This!

You are enrolling a new child to your operation. The child's mother mentions her child has a digestive intolerance to red food dye. The mother explains that she has spoken to her child's pediatrician regarding the intolerance, but that the pediatrician did not establish a diagnosis. Still, the mother requests that the operation follow a food allergy emergency plan.

Do you have to comply with the parent's request?


Technical Assistance:

If parents request their child's food intolerances be listed similarly to food allergy emergency plans, it is important to consider keeping the food allergy emergency plans separate and easily identifiable from lists of food intolerances. While food intolerances often cause illness and discomfort and should be avoided, food allergies can produce life-threatening reactions and should remain easily identifiable and accessible.


 Consider This!

Leslie's son has a very mild peanut allergy that has been diagnosed by his pediatrician. Leslie's son is able to eat peanut butter and has never had an allergic reaction from peanuts. Because of this, Leslie does not feel it is necessary to create a food allergy emergency plan for her son.

Does the child care operation have to ensure a food allergy emergency plan for Leslie's son?



 Consider This!

Wanda is enrolling her child in a day care program. Wanda arrives prepared with her child's food allergy emergency plan, which lists her child's allergy, the associated symptoms of a reaction and the steps to take in case of a reaction. Both Wanda and Nurse Stewart have signed and dated the plan.

Will Wanda's plan meet minimum standard requirements?