Rule: What admission information must I obtain for each child?

Admission Checklist

Minimum standard rules for child care centers and homes (chapters 744, 746 & 747) now include the requirement to obtain a completed food allergy emergency plan, if applicable, before admission.


 Consider This!

You just received an inquiry from Jack, a parent who is looking to enroll his daughter in child care for the first time. You ask Jack if his daughter has a diagnosed food allergy. Jack says yes, but he is not familiar with food allergy emergency plans. Jack feels your operation would be a good fit for his daughter so he provides all of the remaining admission requirements and requests care begin the following day. He ensures you he will send a complete food allergy emergency plan before the end of the week.

Will you be in compliance with minimum standard rule requirements if you allow Jack's daughter to begin care at your operation the following day without a completed food allergy emergency plan?



 Consider This!

Caregiver, Tara, is feeding 10 month old Jamie strawberries. Tara notices Jamie's face beginning to turn red and swell. Tara immediately calls Jamie's mother, who picks her up and takes her to the E.R. The next day, Jamie's mother calls to report that Jamie had an allergic reaction to the strawberries she ate for snack. Prior to this incident, Jamie's mother was unaware of Jamie's strawberry allergy. 

Is the operation accountable for Jamie's allergic reaction to strawberries?



 Consider This!

You are in the process of enrolling a new child to your operation. The child's parent has recently relocated from Nevada to Texas and has come prepared with all of the required admission information. As you review the admission information, you notice that the child's food allergy emergency plan was created by a health care practice in Nevada. The food allergy emergency plan does not look like any you have seen before, but it seems to have all of the information required by Texas minimum standard rules.

Is this food allergy emergency plan acceptable?