Rule: What items must I post at my operation at all times?


Minimum standard rules for child care centers and homes (chapters 744, 746 & 747) now require food allergy emergency plans:

  • be posted during all hours of operation and, if a parent requests it, maintain the child's privacy, and
  • that caregivers and employees who prepare or serve food be aware of each child's food allergies.

Requirements for where food allergy emergency plans must be posted differ slightly for center-based care (chapters 744 & 746) and home-based care (chapter 747).


Where do food allergy emergency plans have to be posted?

Center-Based Care (Chapters 744 and 746)

Child care centers, school-age and before and after school operations are required to post each child's food allergy emergency plan where food is prepared and in each room where the child may spend time.

Home-Based Care (Chapter 747)

Child care homes are required to post each child's food allergy emergency plan in a prominent place during operation hours.

 Consider This!

Seven year old Eva has a food allergy. Her parent provided a complete food allergy emergency plan upon enrollment, but asked that Eva's allergy plan not be posted in her assigned classroom. Her parent still wants the allergy plan posted where food is prepared.

The operation decides to protect Eva's privacy by posting her food allergy emergency plan on the inside of the classroom supply cabinet. Is the operation compliant with minimum standard rule requirements?



How can I comply with a parent's request to maintain a child's privacy and still meet minimum standard rule requirements?

Posted Allergy Plans

The intent of this rule is to ensure all caregivers are aware of and able to easily access each child's food allergy emergency plan at all times. If a parent requests his or her child's food allergy information remain private, you may elect to adopt any of the suggestions listed below as long as employees and caregivers are always aware of the food allergy emergency plan's location and they are able to easily access the plan at all times.

  • Cover the plan details with a sheet of paper, which can be stapled or attached to the top of the plan so that plan details are easily made visible.
  • Post the plan inside of a cabinet door.
  • Keep a copy of the food allergy emergency plan on a caregiver clipboard.