Wrap Up

 Points to Remember

Food Allergy Safety


all children with a diagnosed food allergy


must have a food allergy emergency plan that lists each diagnosed food allergy, symptoms and reactions caused by each food allergy, actions to take if a reaction occurs and must be signed and dated by the child's parent and health care professional


prior to admission


the plan must be posted during all hours of operation and a copy must be kept in the child's file


to ensure necessary precautions are enforced to keep children with food allergies safe


These minimum standard rule amendments were published 9/1/2016 and are currently in effect. All day care operations will receive technical assistance surrounding compliance with these amendments until 3/1/2017.

Additional Resources

Administration of Children and Families – Head Start Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center

Access training resources and additional details about CCDBG requirements.

Food Allergy Research and Education (F.A.R.E.)

Access for additional information and resources about food allergies.

Texas Child Care Licensing Technical Assistance Library

Search for available technical assistance on child allergies.

Texas AgriLife Extension Services - Family and Consumer Sciences

Access child care training resources.

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