Handling, Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Materials


Who is affected?


As part of the initiative to enhance health and safety in child care, the Child Care Development Block Grant addresses handling, storage and disposal of hazardous materials in new rule requirements. The table below summarizes the new requirements for each affected minimum standard rule chapter. As you review the summary of changes, notice how the requirements are the same for each affect minimum standard rule chapter.

Summary of Changes

Steps to ensure a healthy environment

K. 744.2507(11)

- adds using, storing and disposing of hazardous materials as outlined by the product manufacturer

R. 746.3407(13)

R. 747.3203(13)

Wearing gloves when handling blood

K. 744.2523(2)

- adds requirement to follow CDC guidelines

- adds requirement to place blood contaminated gloves in sealed plastic bag

- specifies washing hands with soap and water

R. 746.3425(2)

R. 747.3221(2)

Diaper changing

744 -

- no requirement

R. 746.3505(g)

- adds requirement that soiled clothing be placed in a sealed plastic bag to be sent home with the child

R. 747.3307(f)