Rule: What steps must I take to ensure a healthy environment?

Cleaning Supplies

Minimum standard rules for child care homes and centers (chapters 744, 746 & 747) now specify the requirement to use, store and dispose of hazardous materials following the manufacturer's instructions.

This specification applies to the use of all commercial cleaning products.

So what guidelines should operations follow?

Read the label first. Each cleaning product has instructions for proper use and precautions printed on the label that tell you important facts, like the following:

Cleaning Product Label

> The types of surfaces for which it can be applied and how to apply the product to a surface.

> How long you need to leave it on the surface to be effective (contact time).

> If the surface needs to be cleaned first and rinsed after use.

> Whether the product requires preparation, like dilution with water, before use.

> Precautions you should take when applying the product, such as necessary ventilation, types of contact to avoid and what to do in case of improper contact.


Also look for storage and disposal specifications. Many product labels will include storage instructions, like temperature and proximity to other products.

If a product label does not include disposal instructions and you want to make sure you are disposing of the product safely, a simple Internet search can identify the proper procedures for ensuring safe disposal.


 Technical Assistance: For additional guidelines for safe disposal of hazardous materials, check out EPA guidelines for hazardous waste.


 Consider This!

Jenny's toddlers are napping. Because it is flu season, Jenny decides it would be best to go ahead and disinfect the toys played with this morning. She begins disinfecting the toys at the sink in the classroom.

Is Jenny making a safe choice?