Rule: Must caregivers wear gloves when handling blood or bodily fluids containing blood?

Disposable Gloves

Minimum standard rules for child care centers and homes (chapters 744, 746 & 747) require caregivers to wear disposable, nonporous gloves when handling blood or bodily fluids containing blood. This means caregivers must wear disposable, nonporous gloves any time they are providing direct care or clean up for an illness or injury that exposes blood.


In addition, disposable, nonporous gloves used when handling blood or bodily fluids containing blood must be disposed of in a secure manner. Specifically, minimum standard rules require contaminated gloves be placed in a tied, sealed or otherwise closed plastic bag and discarded immediately.

 Wearing gloves will only be effective when done properly. Consider the following best practices when using disposable gloves.

Click here to view a short video demonstrating proper techniques for putting on and taking off disposable gloves.

Technical Assistance: When purchasing disposable gloves make sure your caregivers and enrolled children do not have a latex allergy.


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Consider This!

Tara has just fallen on the playground and has a bloody wound on her knee. You quickly put on your gloves and use your first aid supplies to exam and clean Tara's wound. When you are finished, you carefully remove your gloves and dispose of them in a covered waste basket. Next, you promptly wash your hands with hand sanitizer from your first aid kit.

Did you meet compliance with the new minimum standard rules?