Wrap Up

Points to Remember

First Aid

  • Follow product manufacturer's instructions for the use, storage and disposal of cleaners and other potentially hazardous products.
  • Ensure disposable gloves contaminated with blood are placed in a sealed plastic bag prior to discarding them.
  • Ensure soiled clothing is placed directly in a sealed plastic bag to be sent home with the child. Do not rinse soiled clothing in the sink or toilet prior to placement in a sealed plastic bag.


These minimum standard rule amendments were published 9/1/2016 and are currently in effect. All day care operations will receive technical assistance surrounding compliance with these amendments until 3/1/2017.

Additional Resources

Administration of Children and Families – Hazardous Materials Brief

Access for further explanation about the background and purpose of associated new rule requirements

Virtual Lab School – Safe Environments

Access for guidance, video demonstrations and job aids

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